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Judge Malcolm Simmons Admissibility of Expert Evidence Workshop

Judge Malcolm Simmons
“A leader in judicial training”
District Court Judge, Serbia
“An excellent training that was extremely informative”
High Court Judge, Serbia
Judge Malcolm Simmons gave an excellent presentation of the use of expert evidence in criminal proceedings.  His presentation took delegates through UK case law and relevant ECtHR judgments.  In particular, Judge Malcolm Simmons looked at the Privy Council decisions in Pora v The Queen [2015] and Myers, Brangman.  He also considered Kennedy v Cordia (Services) LLP [2016] and the case law to which the UK Supreme Court referred.

Of particular interest was his analysis of ECtHR decisions including Ivanovski v Macedonia [2014], Korosec v. Slovenia [2015], Letincic v Croatia [2016], J. M. and Others v Austria [2017] and Devinar v Slovenia [2018].

Judge Malcolm Simmons Announces Verdict

Judge Malcolm Simmons announces verdict in ‘Passport Case’.

Natali Velija and Fisnik Blakaj have been found guilty on organised crime and money laundering charges. Natali Velija has been sentenced to 12 years in prison, whereas Fisnik Blakaj to 11 years in prison and imposed a fine of €25,000.